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[15 Aug 2012][CF/AD] Yoona’s new pictures for SPAO promotion released

SPAO has recently released some more promotional pictures of Yoona.


[10 Aug 2012][CF/AD] Lotte Poster

Yoona in Lotte Poster.

[09 Aug 2012][CF/AD] Yoona and Lee Min Ho in Eider F/W Season 2012

France premium outdoor brand Eider http://www.eider.co.kr had it’s 2012 FW photo session with Lee Min Ho and Yoona for the third time.

[01 Aug 2012][CF/AD] Freshlook releases Photoshoot Making BTS

Newest BTS photos of Yoona in the Freshlook Photoshoot.

[31 Jul 2012][CF/AD] Yoona picture for Freshlook promotion

Yoona newest picture for Freshlook promotion.

[23 Jul 2012][CF/AD] Casio Sheen

Casio Sheen.

[22 Jul 2012][CF/AD] Girls’ Generation – LG 3D TV


[20 Jul 2012][News] Girls’ Generation – Special Launching Event of ‘Girl’ Perfume

Girls’ Generation will be holding a special event for the launch of their new perfume, ‘Girl’.

[11 Jul 2012][CF/AD] Ciba Vision Making BTS

Ciba Vision Making BTS