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[05 Aug 2012][Trans] Staff Diary – Thank you!

I’m greeting you for the first time in a while.


[05 Aug 2012] Girls’ Generation – Unforgettable Moments

August 5th is a date that has become memorized by SONEs around the world. Whenever this date rolls around, SONEs reflect upon years past and swell with pride because of Girls’ Generation’s accomplishments, sisterly bond, and love for the fans. Inevitably, SONEs also look ahead and dream of how much more the girls can do over the next year and beyond.

[05 Aug 2012] 5 Years Together, An Insight To The Life And Success Of Girls’ Generation

Right now it’s Girls’ Generation, from now on it’s Girls’ Generation, forever it’s Girls’ Generation.

[04 Aug 2012][News] Charity project in Cambodia by Girls’ Generation fansites

Girls’ Generation fansites work together to raise funds for charity project in Cambodia.

[30 Jul 2012][News+Trans] K-SONEs celebrate the 5th Anniversary with newspaper advertisement

To commemorate the fifth year anniversary of Girls’ Generation on August 5th, K-SONEs have published celebratory messages into newspapers.

[28 Jul 2012][Trans] Girls’ Generation’s Message on The 5th Anniversary

As one of several surprises in store for fans attending Girls’ Generation’s “Debut 5th Anniversary Party”, the members of Girls’ Generation each left messages on a postcard expressing their gratitude to their fans. The party is currently taking place at the Ehwa Womans University.