[03 Aug 2012][Fashion] Yoona in ‘LOVE RAIN’

Yoona’s fashion in drama ‘LOVE RAIN’.

[03 Aug 2012][Pic] Yoona – Japanese Mobile Fansite Photo

Japanese Mobile Fansite released some photos of Yoona in ‘PAPARAZZI’ outfit.

[03 Aug 2012][News] Girls’ Generation Attends ‘GIRL de Provence’ Launching Event

Girls’ Generation attended a launching event in Japan for ‘GiRL de Provence’ to promote their signature perfumes on Aug 3.

[01 Aug 2012][CF/AD] Freshlook releases Photoshoot Making BTS

Newest BTS photos of Yoona in the Freshlook Photoshoot.

[Jul 2012] July Highlights of Yoona & The News

Top 10 events in July chosen by Yoona & The News.

[31 Jul 2012][News] SHINee likes listening to Girls’ Generation and EXO-K

On the summer 2012 issue of Sparkling Magazine, SHINee got a six-page spread on the “Sparkling Exclusive” section. Sparkling magazine is the no. 1 magazine in the Philippines that is dedicated to Kpop… Continue reading

[31 Jul 2012][Trans] AKB48’s Nakamata Shiori spazzes about Yoona on her Google+

Nakamata Shiori spazzes about Girls’ Generation, Yoona and their Japanese single ‘PAPARAZZI’.

[31 Jul 2012][CF/AD] Yoona picture for Freshlook promotion

Yoona newest picture for Freshlook promotion.

[30 Jul 2012][LR] GTV releases ‘LOVE RAIN’ BTS Photo

Photos of filming ‘Love Rain’ in Japan released.