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[11 Aug 2012][Trans] Yoona and Hyoyeon cheers on TASTY at Music Core

Yoona, Hyoyeon and TASTY.


[11 Aug 2012][Trans] Yoona’s message after visiting Music Core

MuCore Visit Report of Yoona.

[08 Aug 2012][Trans] Staff Blog – Japanese Mobile Fansite

[Summary] Thanks for coming to SMTOWN in Tokyo last week. On the second day of the concert, it was announced at the stage that this day was just the debut 5th anniversary of… Continue reading

[07 Aug 2012][Fanaccount+Pic] Yoona at Gimpo Airport

Yoona at Gimpo Airport (Korea), returning from Japan.

[07 Aug 2012][Trans] Yoona autographed her Vita500 Monkey

Yoona and her Vita500 Monkey.

[05 Aug 2012][Trans] Staff Diary – Thank you!

I’m greeting you for the first time in a while.

[03 Aug 2012][Fanaccount] Met with Yoona

Fanaccount of a lucky fan who met Yoona at Kiddie Lan yesterday.

[31 Jul 2012][Trans] AKB48’s Nakamata Shiori spazzes about Yoona on her Google+

Nakamata Shiori spazzes about Girls’ Generation, Yoona and their Japanese single ‘PAPARAZZI’.

[30 Jul 2012][News+Trans] K-SONEs celebrate the 5th Anniversary with newspaper advertisement

To commemorate the fifth year anniversary of Girls’ Generation on August 5th, K-SONEs have published celebratory messages into newspapers.