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[16 Aug 2012][News] Girls’ Generation dominates Mnet TOP 100 Korean Idol Stars

The Mnet TOP 100 Korean Idols has recently been announced and Girls’ Generation once again proved their popularity.


[14 Aug 2012][News] Casio Opens Official Baby-G Website Featuring Girls’ Generation

Casio has opened an official Korean website featuring Girls’ Generation and the ‘WINK’ campaign for its Baby-G watches.

[14 Aug 2012][News] Girls’ Generation is the Biggest Influence Entertainment Star on Sisa Journal 2012

This Sisa Journal Biggest Rank is made every year for all the entertainment stars in Korea from drama to music. Girls’ Generation has been ranked as the #1 most influential celebrity for the… Continue reading

[13 Aug 2012][News] Lee Min Ho and Yoona Herald the Fall with Eider

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona and Lee Min Ho continue their advertising campaign for outdoor clothing brand Eider. The two recently released shots from their couple shoots for the fall-winter campaign of Eider.

[12 Aug 2012][News] Girls’ Generation’s influence reaches North Korean teens

With K-Pop beginning to spread into the international market, its influence seems to also be taking hold in its neighboring country, North Korea!

[10 Aug 2012][News] Girls’ Generation to Release New Japanese Single and Complete Video Collection

Girls’ Generation will be releasing a Japanese single, featuring two new songs, on September 26th.

[09 Aug 2012][News] ‘Korean Promotion Guide Book’ featuring Girls’ Generation spotted in London

The South Korean culture promotion guide featuring the ladies of Girls’ Generation has been spotted in London where the Olympics are currently being held.

[09 Aug 2012][News] Half of Girls’ Generation’s special postage stamps sell out in an hour

Girls’ Generation has put their unwavering popularity on display once again by selling out more than half the prepared supply of their special postage stamps.

[07 Aug 2012][News] Girls’ Generation Wins Gold Medal in Pop Olympics on Popdust

Girls’ Generation won the gold medal for the first ever Pop Olympics on the music news portal, Popdust.