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[03 Aug 2012][Fashion] Yoona in ‘LOVE RAIN’

Yoona’s fashion in drama ‘LOVE RAIN’.


[30 Jul 2012][LR] GTV releases ‘LOVE RAIN’ BTS Photo

Photos of filming ‘Love Rain’ in Japan released.

[26 Jul 2012][Trans] Yoona’s message about ‘LOVE RAIN’

Yoona sent a message on the Official website of Girls’ Generation on 26th Jul.

[25 Jul 2012][LR] Love Rain Press Conference Highlights

Love Rain Press Conference Highlights on July 24 in Tokyo.

[24 Jul 2012][Pic] ‘LOVE RAIN’ press conference in Japan

Yoona and Jang Geun Suk.

[18 Jul 2012][LR] Love Rain on WAIT Magazine + Broadcasting Schedule in Taiwan and Japan

Love Rain Broadcasting in Taiwan and Japan.