[05 Aug 2012] 5 Years Together, An Insight To The Life And Success Of Girls’ Generation

I have a dream’ – Although it’s a short phrase it carries such a deep and strong meaning. August 5 2012 marks the 5th anniversary since 9 girls started a journey, but not just any journey but the one to chase after their dreams. As they followed this path some of them even left everything behind and embarked into the new world with nothing but their illusions.  As if gathered by fate these 9 girls were put under the same group that goes by the name of Girls’ Generation.

Nine people who are very different from each other, have now become one.’ – Choi Sooyoung.

The bond between these girls has grown so strong that they are now like family. But of course things have not been all pink, there have been disagreements, tears, laughs, bittersweet moments and ultimately, success. Time after, their “wish” came to life with the creation of their official fanclub named S❤NE , that has since given them their love and support.

5 years later as leaders of the Hallyu wave, many things have changed, but there’s one that remains the same after all this time, their determination. From the touching debut song Into the New World, passing trough the cute and contagious Gee, to the strong and fierce image portrayed in The Boys, Girls’ Generation has shown various concepts that depict the maturing process they’ve experienced over the course of these 5 years. After all Girls’ Generation, 소녀시대少女時代, it’s not just about the music but also the member’s personality. During these years each member has given  S❤NE  a life lesson.

Taeyeon: ‘The kid leader’ that went to the Dong Ho bridge before debuting to scream, “I can do it”. And ultimately became one of the best leaders and achieved her dreams.

Jessica: The ‘ice princess’ that can melt everyone’s heart with her voice and dedication.

Sunny: The owner of the ‘aegyo that calls for a punch’ that has always a smile even when things don’t go as planned.

Tiffany: ‘Brighter than Mushroom’ the girl with the killer eye smile that left everything without looking behind in order to pursue her goal.

Hyoyeon: The ‘dancing queen’ that gives everything on stage and demonstrates what true passion is.

Yuri: ‘Black Pearl’ a strong dedicated girl that has demonstrated that as long as you hold on to your ideals nothing can bring you down.

Sooyoung: ‘Shik shin’ She has taught us no matter how many times you fall as long as you have faith you can always stand up.

Yoona: ‘Him Yoona’ the girl with a deer like appearance yet and immense inner strength that can bring any obstacle down.

Seohyun: the maknae that showed the world that young does not equal immature. The member that has proven to be a person of enormous wisdom despite her young age.

5 years have passed and despite the enormous success they have achieved, the members of Girls’ Generation still have the heart of rookies. They have characterized this generation and have proven to anyone that there is no such thing as “unreachable dreams”. Even if we were not there from the beginning we will be there until forever ends.  S❤NE  will always be there, following their journey step by step.

Right now it’s Girls’ Generation, from now on it’s Girls’ Generation, forever it’s Girls’ Generation.

Sr: smtownsnsd.com