[04 Aug 2012][News] Charity project in Cambodia by Girls’ Generation fansites

In conjunction with Girls’ Generation’s 5th anniversary since debut, members of various fanclubs have jointly participated by raising funds for third world country support group, World Share’s well-digging project that aims to improve the quality of potable (drinking) water in Cambodia.

The fanclubs that participated in the project are Flying Petals (http://kimtaeyeon.co.kr), Cotton Candy (http://merong77.com), Woorissica (http://woorissica.com), The Stephi (www.thestephi.com), Shining Smile (http://shiningsmile.kr), KwonYuri125 (http://kwonyuri125.com), Deer YoonA (http://deeryoona.com) and Seople (http://seople-zone.com). To make it more meaningful, the fanclubs made a donation to World Share amounting to 9,999,999 Won, where the 9s represent the number of members in Girls’ Generation.

The well digging works for improvement to potable water quality will be carried out in Ta Much Village located at Ta Phem Commune of Tram Kak District in Takeo Province, Cambodia. A plate bearing the names of all nine members will be made and placed at the well. After subtracting the sum to be used for building the ‘Well of Love’, the balance will be used on vaccinations, necessities and other expenses for the locals.

An admin of a fansite said, ‘Fanclubs have been expressing their interest to do something great together for quite a while now and to commemorate Girls’ Generation’s 5th anniversary of debut on August 5th, 2012, we have decided to come up with the fund raising activity. In the future, if there are opportunities coming by, we would like to continue collaborating with one another in order to carry out good activities like this.

World Share is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) recognized by Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade that carry out various activities to aid the people in 3rd world countries through activities such as potable water improvement projects, emergency relief, providing child care facilities, etc. To date, World Share has been lending their helping hands to 29 countries across the globe.

Sr: Newswire.co.kr