[03 Aug 2012][Fanaccount] Met with Yoona

Met with Yoona and Sooyoung in Kiddie Lan today. They were with another person so there were 3 of them. Sooyoung looked tired. I thought she went back first because she has gone when I noted her.

Yoona continued shopping happily with another person. She took selca with Rilakkuma and kept on pinching it (I think she really loves Rilakkuma). At last she didn’t buy the Rilakkuma. But Yoona looked so pretty and cute when she took the selca.

At last she bought Mickey and Minnie phone case for Iphone. But the phone she used to take selca was an Android system phone.

No one noticed her because she shopped ordinarily. Only me kink over there since this was a golden opportunity. At last before they left, I walked toward her, told her my wish and shaked her hands.

Yoona smiled and stretched out her hands. She shaked my hands with both hands. They looked so thin and cute in real. Yoona’s touch was amazing. I will not forget her smile and touch forever.