[31 Jul 2012][Trans] AKB48’s Nakamata Shiori spazzes about Yoona on her Google+

Nakamata Shiori:

I love Girls’ Generation’s Yoona

I still want the DVD

Yoona ♪ Yoona ♪

Ah, my photoshoot is finished (^^)

Nakamata Shiori:


It’s still Yoona

She’s so awesome


Nakamata Shiori:

I like Girls’ Generation! \(^o^)/

Their MV’s are good, but I want to watch their live DVD ♥

AAA has a new song tooo

Someone please let me borrow them ♥…


Nakamata Shiori: Yoona, Seohyun ♥

Kotani Riho: Riho also loves Girls’ Generation!

Izuta Rina: I like PAPARAZZI

Abe Maria: I have it! Live DVD~♥

Nakamura Mariko: I have it!

Nakamata Shiori:

When I came home (><) Tears!

Thanks mom

Nakamata Shiori: Mom! She got me a cake and accessories yesterday.

Erena Saeedyokota: I like Girls’ Generation, too. I like Sooyoung. I’m jealous.

Nakamata Shiori: My mom didn’t see my Google+, but it’s because I talk about SNSD a lot at home!

Nakamata Shiori: Sai-chan! Let’s watch it together!

Takashima Yurina: You sure like them, huh! Congratulations again \(^o^)/

Sr: @imnikky