[31 Jul 2012][News] SHINee likes listening to Girls’ Generation and EXO-K

On the summer 2012 issue of Sparkling Magazine, SHINee got a six-page spread on the “Sparkling Exclusive” section. Sparkling magazine is the no. 1 magazine in the Philippines that is dedicated to Kpop lovers. The lucky staffs got a chance to interview the five guys of SHINee after their shoot for their latest Etude commercial. Here is the cut of the interview wherein SHINee says that they like listening to Girls’ Generation’s songs.

[Sparkling Magazine Exclusive Interview CUT]

Sparkling Magazine: Which artists or bands do you like listening to?
SHINee: We like listening to Girls’ Generations and the new group EXO-K.

With this, SHINee proves that they support and do not have any competition with their co-labelmates.
Netizens commented, ‘It is very good knowing that they support and love each other.’, ‘SHINee and Girls’ Generation, fighting!’ and ‘SM artists are the best.’

Sr: @armixoxo

Cr: Sparkling Magazine, Summer 2012 Issue, p. 25