[30 Jul 2012][News] Yoona draws much attention at the airport

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Yoona recently showed off a cute ‘marine look’ for her airport fashion.

Yoona was seen at the airport on July 29 to depart for her TV advertisement in New Zealand for the outdoor clothing brand she is currently modeling for.

On this day, Yoona was seen sporting a striped shirt and blue miniskirt showing off a cute and youthful image. Yoona, who wore a beige belt, showing off her tiny ‘ant waist’ is especially gaining a lot of interest among internet users for her lean figure.

Internet users who saw pictures of her airport fashion commented, ‘Yoona who shows off a lovely marine look,’ ‘Yoona makes everything she wears look luxurious,’ ‘Since Yoona has a good body, the marine look looks good on her,’ and ‘Yoona’s fashionable marine look.

Sr: kpopstarz.com