[28 Jul 2012][Trans] Girls’ Generation’s Message on The 5th Anniversary

Yoona: It’s been such a long time!! Couldn’t we… See each other more often..? Keke. Everything from today… Let’s keep it to ourselves~ ♥

Yuri: Waaaa~oh! Anniversary! Oh Oh Oh 555 Oh~! Oh~ Fifth anniversary oh oh oh!!

(Translator’s note: ‘oh’ is one way to say 5 in Korean.)

Taeyeon: Thank you for always giving us strength whenever we meet^^ Look forward to the next fanmeet, too. We’ve gotten closer, right? Hehehe ♥ ♥

Sooyoung: I give infinite thanks and love to you who have been with us for the past 5 years. Until 5 years becomes 50. And until 500 years, will you love us?! Yes!! 🙂 *

Tiffany: It’s five years now.. there were lots of.. tears.. and we’ve gone through so many happy things.. I’m really happy and thankful.. From now on.. ‘I want to dream with you [with SONE] forever.’ ♥ I love you. Really. ♥

(Translator’s note: Tiffany is using lyrics from ‘Forever’.)

Hyoyeon: I’ve waited for today~!! Should we [illegible]* today~~?! Hehe. Let’s go and make good memories! Always! Thank you ^.^!! ♥ ~ ~

(*Translator’s note: the word cannot be read from the image.)

Jessica: SONE, hi~ ^ㅡ^ Fun and enjoyably. Bbyong~ ♥

Seohyun: Tell me your wish~ I’ll listen~ Tell me your~ wish There is a never ending line of people outside who wish~ [intending as ‘SONE’] for me~ A date with SONE that I’ve waited and waited for!! Today!! Let’s enjoy ♥

(Translator’s note: Seohyun is using lyrics from ‘Genie’ and ‘Twinkle’.)

Sunny: Already 5 years?! Kkyak!! From now on, 5 years, 500 years..

Sr: soshified.com,

Cr: @Yurui912

Eng trans by:@ch0sshi,

Edit by: @bhost909, Greenopaz.