[27 Jul 2012][UFO]

Fan: Unnie, what are you doing? If you’re bored, shout out ‘Hye Jung ah’… Not Baek Hye Jung but ‘x Hye Jung’… ㅠ
Yoona: You have to ask Chang Mo oppa to shout, I heard that he likes you.

Note: Baek Hye Jung is ‘Love Rain’ 70s’ character, which Chang Mo likes. Coincidentally, this fan is call Hye Jung too (with a different surname).


Fan: Noona, the selca you posted before is now being used as the gallery header, keke, [we] did good right?

Yoona: Yeah, keke, there seeemed to be a lot of complaints, so i won’t give any [selcas] even if you ask now…


Fan: Saw the message~^^ ‘Love Rain’ will be popular in Japan too! Keke, see you after two days!!^^ ke
Yoona: Have you seen the message in text!?? Kekeke


Fan: わくわく*!!! Ah, I cannot sleep, keke, why is sleep not coming~?
Yoona: Listen to Gong Yoo oppa’s voice will make your sleep to come.. I’m listening to ‘Because it’s you‘**.. Kyaa o_o

*わくわく: means being eager/excited. It usually expresses anticipation.

**’Because of you’ is ‘BIG’ OST.


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