[25 Jul 2012][Fanaccount] Tiffany’s Taiwan Fansites – Yoona related

The presents were placed at Korea hyung’s place since we reached there. The next day, we took the presents and proceed to appointed place. (We bought a luggage to put in all the presents since they were too big)

We reached there earlier so we sat at there, drinking coffee while waiting for the main character.

Not long after waiting, Tiffany appeared. They were only manager unnie and cute Yoona.

When i told her that the dolls inside the box and bag were for her, she was shocked and speaked, “Wow~Thank You” in her sexy English accent.

Fany was dressed in casual with T-shirt, jeans, flat shoes and sunglasses.

Fany said that Soshi were busy recently. She will open the presents later. She feel thankful for the presents. She promised to show us a better performances.

We didn’t chat for long since Yoona need to rush to airport. She had to promote Love Rain in Japan.

Before left, Fany said that she will ask Korea hyung to send us email after she open all the presents. She promised to take photos of those presents and sign for us next time.

When they left, Yoona helped Tiffany to carry the luggage to the van, just like Hercules. Then she rushed with another van to airport.

Tiffany gave me a wink before enter the van. This made my life full with happiness.

It’s not a long time to meet with Tiffany but i feel blessed. Her eyesmiles killed me a lot.

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