[24 Jul 2012][News] Girls’ Generation’s Guidebook available from Yeosu to London Olympics

Starting on July 23, these guidebooks on Korea which feature Girls’ Generation has been spreading throughout the Yeosu Expo Center. This guidebook has been targeted toward international people and has been made into an english version. This guidebook talks about Korea’s culture, language, food and other categories.

Professor Suh Kyung Duk commented, ‘Currently, Kpop has been spreading around the globe and I feel that we should spread our culture along with it.’

He continued, ‘Having Girl’s Generation featured in the guidebook will help make it more familiar to international viewers and can also be used as a poster.’

Next week, these guidebooks will be spread during the London Olympics.

Click here for more information about the Guidebook.

Sr: kpopstarz.com