[22 Jul 2012][UFO] Yoona explains about the ‘bamboo bread’

Fan: I heard that Yoona’s bamboo bread* is so~ famous.. Would it be possible for me to try it, too~?
Yoona: Where did this bamboo bread come fromㅜ It’s our only place to talk, but it’s become a lie ㅠ Manipulations are restricted..

*Below is the fake UFO reply they are referring to. In this UFO, fan asked Yoona what she had for dinner and she answered, ‘I got punched in the face‘ (bread also means ‘bang’ in Korean, so ‘I got punched in the face’ = ‘Ate bamboo bread’). It seems someone had something about this ‘bamboo bread’ as a UFO reply they got from Yoona, but it is a fake one.