[20 Jul 2012][UFO]

This is Yoona’s new avatar.

Fan: I’m the Sone who was on the wheelchair at the fansign. When it’s the fanmeeting, do you think the wheelchair seat can be at the front? ᄒ

Yoona: Hello~^^ hm ᅲᅲ I’ll ask!! If it’s at the front, it would be good!!!

Fan: Yoong Yoong unnie~ Are you going to cheer on Hyoyeon at ‘Dancing With the Star’ today o_o? What did your text vote say? Keke

Yoona: Hyoyeon. Always Hyoyeo. Once I sent ‘Hyoyeon unnie ♥’ but unnie said you can’t use emoticons

Fan: Yoong unnie, keke, what are you doing? Kekeke do you like bingsoo*? Or do you like patbingsoo**? Keke

Yoona: Patbingsoo ah. I want to eat some ㅜㅜ

*bingsoo: Korean shaved ice dessert

**patbingsoo: one kind of bingsoo, shaved ice topped with sweetened condensed milk, mixed fruit, sweet red bean, and small pieces of mochi.

Fan: Yoo yoo.. even when I have good thoughts, bad things happen. Why ᅲ_ᅲ… Yoong-nim, help me!

Yoona: SInce bad things happened, it’s the good things turn to happen, ke, stay strong

Fan: Can you take a selca so I can change the gallery header?

Yoona: I will change it right now, looking at this UFO, kekeke, how is it

Fan to Hyoyeon: HwaihyoHwaihyo*!! I believe that our Hyoyeo unnie will do well~ Good luck^^ #0500 Hyoyeon again today

Yoona: Hwaihyo, kekeke, cheer her on a lot!! Tonight at 10, #0500 Hyoyeon

*Hwaihyo = Hwaiting + Hyoyeon, meaning Hyoyeon fighting!

#0500 is Hyoyeon’s voting number in ‘Dancing With the Star’

Fan: What is the most recent music you listen to? Let’s listen together~

Yoona: Acoustic Collabo’s You & I, Amused and Verbal Jint’s Happy Birthday.

Fan: Before when I looked at Yoona, I had thoughts that she was like a young kid. Nowadays, it’s just young~ I just had these thoughts appear ᄒᄒ

Yoona: Thank you ah ᅲkeke, I’ll be a more cool and pretty young person ke

Fan: Do you dip tangsuyuk* in the sauce? Or pour it (in the sauce)?

Yoona: Usually dip~ if it’s poured, then I just eat it as is, keke, my tangsuyuk list is… hm… keke

*tangsuyuk: Sweet and sour pork.

Yoona’s tangsuyuk list is the list of all male celebrities that chose her as their ideal girl.

Fan to Sooyoung: I also want to have a bite on unnie’s handmade cupcakes~!!!!

Yoona: Cupcakes are very delicious o_o

Sr: soshified.com