[19 Jul 2012][News] Girls’ Generation featured in the ‘Korea Promotion Guide Book’

On July 19th, Professor Seo KyungDuk said, “A guide book to promote the culture of Korea Republic featuring Korea’s representative group Girls’ Generation will be published. For the convenience of foreigners, the guide book is written in English and it introduces the main cultural contents of Korea Republic – Hangul (Korean alphabets), Hansik (Korean food), Hanbok (Korean traditional dress), Hanji (Korean traditional handmade paper) and Hanok (Korean traditional house)”.

Professor Seo KyungDuk added, “Today, with the widespread of the Kpop worldwide, I feel that there is a need for promotional materials that introduce Korea’s culture to go along with it. So, I came up with the idea of providing a guidebook that will be easily available anywhere in the world”.

He further explained, “With the guide book that features the current representative of Korean culture contents, Girls’ Generation, it will not be just another guidebook that one only look at it once but it will be made of high quality, environmental-friendly papers so that young people from all around the world would want to keep collecting them”.

Representative from SM Entertainment said, “Through participation in the guide book, Girls’ Generation vows to work harder in order to spread the awareness on the Korean culture even more extensively”.

Starting from next week, 50,000 copies will be distributed to foreigners visiting the Yeosu EXPO and 30,000 copies will be made available in London, the host of the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games. Besides that, 20,000 copies are also expected to be distributed among famous universities throughout the world.

Sr: fanwonder.com