[12 Jul 2012][News] Yoona Didn′t Need Touch-Ups for Her Commercial

After becoming the model for Ciba Vision’s ‘Fresh Look Illuminate’ contact lens, Yoona recently held her shooting for the brand’s advertisement on July 1. The behind-the-scenes cuts of which were released on July 12.

For the advertisement, Yoona will be showing six different concepts including a sexy diva concept, a pure goddess concept, young college student concept and more.

Despite having to make the various transformations in a short amount of time, Yoona showed a relaxed and composed nature from beginning to end while surprising everyone with her appearance which needed no digital alteration or touch ups.

A member on set for the advertisement shoot shared, “I’ve worked with countless advertisement models but this is the first model I’ve seen who comes out so beautifully in pictures. We didn’t need to make any touch ups to the picture afterwards.

The first advertisements by Yoona for the brand will be unveiled in mid-July.

Sr: enewsworld.com, ph.omg.yahoo.com